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2008 Fedcon 17 - Report / Press Conference

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FedCon 17 - 2008 - Bonn

Hi, my name is Peter Walker and welcome to my report on the FedCon 17, which took place in Bonn, Germany. Here, you will find my pictures and reports on FedCon 17. This year, I took part in the FedCon Press Conference and I have put together a video for you to watch (see below). I was also responsible, along with Stephan Mittelstraß, for the showing of two Star Trek New Voyages episodes at the FedCon. You will find our full report on that, too.

Guest Stars at the Press Conference
This year, I was able to attend the FedCon Press Conference for the first time and even film it in full length. It starts with Brigitte Scherr (FedCon press support) speaking German for a few seconds, the rest is in English. Star Trek New Voyages is discussed at 21:55 minutes into the recording (total 56:13).

From left to right

Richard Arnold
(Star Trek Adviser), Marc B. Lee (Master of Ceremonies), W Morgan Sheppard (Soul Hunter),
Peter Jurasik (Babylon 5), Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Mary McDonnell (BSG), Rene Auberjonois (DS9),
Marina Sirtis (TNG), Brent Spiner (TNG), LeVar Burton (TNG), Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda),
John de Lancie (TNG, DS9, VOY), Nicki Clyne (BSG), Julie Caitlin Brown Babylon 5)

FedCon 17 - Star Trek New Voyages

At this year's FedCon, two episodes made by the Star Trek New Voyages team were shown on the big screen.

European Premiere of the updated "1969" edition of "To Serve All My Days"!
FedCon Premiere of the prize-winning episode of "World Enough and Time"

Although we had hoped for larger viewing figures, there was tough competition with other popular talks and panels with famous actors. Considering this, the showing of these Star Trek New Voyages episodes was still a great success. Those that saw the episodes told me how much they enjoyed the movie, particually after the very moving scenes from "World Enough and Time"


I took a lot of pictures this year resulting in the selected pictures you will find on the following page. In order to maximise image quality, most of the camera settings were set manually (including focus). In a few images, the picture is slightly out of focus, please excuse.

Please remember that although I am providing the images here free for online viewing, please do not use them on other web sites, etc. without my previous permission and a suitable reference (Copyright: Peter Walker, www.trekcon.de).

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