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2000 Fedcon 8


Federation Convention 8 in Bonn, Germany

19th-21st May, 2000

From the 19th-21st May, I attended the Star Trek Federation Convention that took place in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn. This was the second time I have attended this annual event and this time I took a number of pictures that I have released online on this website.

Live long and prosper!


Digital Ghost

Fedcon 8 started with a tremendous fan-film called "Digital Ghost", made in Germany and in German by Tobias Richter of "The Light Works" - A company specialising in digital imagery.

As in other fan films, nobody was paid in the making of this this film and it is not allowed to sell this film. It was however released on DVD as part of a Bonus DVD distributed to those who purchased the TNG series on DVD in Germany. It was produced entirely with virtual sets and with the help of many professionals from a variety of areas, in front of the camera and behind it. "FedCon 8 - Digital Ghost" is a co-production of "The Light Works" and "van Wingerden Filmproduktion". It was the opening movie for the "Federation Convention 8" (2000) at Maritim Hotel Bonn and received a standing ovation from the fans when it was shown at the Opening Ceremony for the first time.

The film was awarded the Animago Prize 2001 in the Category "Professional Animation Film"


Played by:

Commander Stanley

Erich Redman

Lieutnant Odyssee

Kerstin Klinz


Judith Hörsch


Thomas Wolff

Production Liveshoot

Joost van Wingerden

Production Post

Tobias Richter


Wolfgang Wesemann


Stephan Lenzen, Thomas Wolff,
Joost van Wingerden


Frank Hard


Ralph Rippinger


Roman Schönsee

German audio - Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Model Show

There were a number of interesting model from the show (some made by fans). Here are some pictures of the most interesting ones.

Marina Sirtis

Counseler Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Brent Spiner

Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Michael Dorn and René Auberjonois

Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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© 00-17: All photographs, copyright Peter Walker.
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