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2006 Fedcon 15


FedCon 15 - 2006 - Fulda

Hi and welcome to my FedCon Report for FedCon 15 which took place in Fulda, Germany.

This year, I had to travel further to get to the FedCon as it has been beamed from Bonn to Fulda for just this one year. Despite this, I did welcome the change as it gave me the chance to come to Fulda and see a bit of this beautiful town.

The effect on the FedCon was however that fewer people came which was noticeable by the numbers of empty seats in the "main bridge" (the auditorium where the stage was). In Bonn, the somewhat larger room was always packed to its limits. The seats themselves were fine and I welcomed the steeper angle giving a much better view without heads in the way. I was lucky enough to have an ideal seat position looking straight at the centre of the stage from high up.

Cameras Used

This year, I had upgraded my cameras which turned out to be ideal for photographing the FedCon. The cameras I used were the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 (12x optical zoom, image stabiliser, used for most of the pictures) and the Nikon Coolpix S4 (10x zoom, small, good red-eye reduction, used for the party images). Both cameras worked well as can be seen in the better image quality in this years pictures. Most pictures were taken at 3 Megapixel and some at 8 Megapixel (e.g. the group pictures). Most of the pictures are shown at 800x600 pixel on this website.


I took a lot of pictures (594) this year and after removing the pictures that were not good enough or too similar to better ones, I was left with the 336 pictures you will find here. The picture quality is better than in previous years, too. In order to maximise image quality, most of the camera settings were set manually (including focus). In a few images, the picture is slightly out of focus, please excuse.

The file names indicate the exact date and time the picture was taken
(e.g. 20060521_180016.jpg means the picture was taken at 18:00:16 on 21.05.2006).

Please remember that although I am providing the images here free for online viewing, please do not use them on other web sites, etc. without my previous permission and a suitable reference (Copyright: Peter Walker, www.trekcon.de)

Opening Ceremony
Star Trek - TOS
The Next Generation
Star Trek - Voyager
Star Trek
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Costume Competition
Other Images
Closing Ceremony
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